Thursday, May 27, 2010

Give me Space.... 'tis getting shitty

"Don't you think you are getting too much space?"

Have you ever ridden on a  jeepney that is well packed, or taken a train, especially in this our parts in the early or late rush hours of the day? You would understand what physical space means. It means if the bus is so tight, it becomes shitty with plenty of that sweat-smell and the dizzying air of tired bodies.... and it is more than that...

It means we have our space in this little wan nude of a world. It also means others have got space. That space could be physical, moral, relational or spiritual. It has to do with the rights of others, and not only the right to move, to express themselves. We all have this fundamental need to remain human. We need space to be human. We are not just a specie, we are individuals unfolding in the mystery of time....

Did you ever know this when you got into a relationship? Did you ever realize or do you realize when it gets a little tight? Sometimes we always feel tight because we want to get the space before us. It happens often because we even take more than our space. We suffocate others with talk; we are farthing everywhere, pissing people off, jerking everywhere like the world belonged to us.

It is not out of courtesy that we cede place to others. We do so because we believe that the other has hopes and expectations, the other is a bearer of infinite possibilities also, the other is broken and is pieces that needs to be put together... the othe... is always a mystery, sacred and full of promise.. And this is very important.... many relationships fail because we look at ourselves and think about our time, our space, our needs, our future. The other with whom I am in a relationship has a future, has hopes, has expectations and.... mind you, the other is also a promise.

By leaving space to others, we discover our own place.

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