Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Magic is Every Moment


I know that word. And I know how many of us have gone through it, and many of us who make a great show of personality. We say a lot of things, but we are not quite sure of it. We do not care to dig to find out the deeper meaning of things. So we wallow in mediocrity... yes, because we prefer leisure, we prefer the easy path always. 

Sometimes I wonder how remarkable our life could be if we seized each moment as an opportunity to learn, to discover, to develop and to grow. 

Each time I wake up, there are a million opportunities before me to welcome and give life. From that moment I walk down to my bathroom, and have my toilet and my breakfast... the miracle of breathing begins to happen. There is something in each of us, a throb for a thing we are good at. Sometimes we approach this thing, say a skill, a profession with timidity... sometimes we seek the easy way around it, avoiding effort and strain. The result is, we remain unfulfilled or mediocre, thrust mid-point between being satisfied and wanting. 

Yes, little things are important. Insignificant events are full of surprises... Sometimes there are those simple things we ignore, very simple happenings that may make a big difference in our life. You never know the role the man sitting at the threshold of a building may play in your life, the gate man who seems insignificant, the beggar who walks up to you. The stranger you ignore at the gate may be the person bearing a secret that may save your life.

The call to say "Yes" to life happens every moment. You can decide to welcome and live it fully, without the distractions with which we are wont to dealing with little things. Such an inner disposition of spirit certainly opens us to the grandeur of the world, to the infinite spirit of finite things. Only large hearts discover the miracle concealed in petty things. That is why I need to do every thing as if it were unique and irreplaceable. That is the only way of doing things perfectly and finding fulfillment:  we discover the beauty of things also by approaching them with the idea: there isn't ever a second chance!

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