Monday, February 22, 2010


without words, silence encircling me with louring shadows,
my ken flusters... I seek you, not with the language we have known;
I reach out to you in the clear silence where distance is nothing
but the opaque reality of those who had never touched each other.

I cannot touch you. I cannot hear you, but your thoughts inhabit
that sphere within where silence opens with its solitude to a vast universe
of love. In silence, I hear you speak to my heart, words I have uttered
words that hurt you -- though they bring you closer to me...

the shadows enfold. But it is not you I see. I see and hear myself
in the clear memory of moments we've lived, moments we long t relive
feeding in the thirst of each other, resting in the open wounds
that hurt our loving hearts: You are so far, yet so close to my thoughts.

Dusk was the time we met. Dawn was the moment of light, where all things
saw their beginnings. And it was then you went to recluse
with the receding silences of  solitude... seeking yourself that you may find us.
I see you... so near, but so inaccessible, so gloomy, yet full of light.

Dusk was the time we met. Dawn the moment of passion--
I write at dawn, with the veil cast over my eyes, dark veil of unknowing.
Listening to the silences, watching and waiting. And when the doorknob creak
I am sure, your bright visage, emerging from night, will meet mine.

Shall we still speak the same language that makes us one?
Shall you still be she in whom I find myself...? Shall the glimmer of light
on your face reveal the one thing I have longed for and feared!!!
That all we have built, was but preserved in the beauty of the silence of your heart?

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