Wednesday, February 24, 2010


it was music, your voice held the strain,
and I heeded to the mellow sweetness of its rhythms-

your moan, your scream, your silence,
I gathered in my psychic mind - and in that hiatus
that fell between our illogical words
where swelled the numb silences
     I heard a tale of hope....

We have come a long way here
like two shadows at dawn without a promise

we didn't know anything, we never had any faith
But we knew each other, we had each other.
and this road we walk on, what shall you call it?

That your voice echoes through the retreating silences
of my dream. Irrevocably. Meekly-- like the royal tunes of Elfland.
The shimmery glow of your face, just like the tattoo crafted
on your nook --- Ah! with stars that shine above despair.

wonder -- grace -- and, litheness
commingling in the ordinariness of just being you...
like the shared embrace, feverish--
between two fumbling searching hearts,
touching like buds unfolding in the primal rays of light
yet knowing each other for eternity.

there is something I can't help seeing die in you.

the simplicity of dusting away these loose particles of dust
in my hearth, then the chicken cooked over the blazing fire,
watched and tended till it becomes --

      the gaze without words,
      the laughter without sound,
      the touch without contact...
when we bathed in the clear presence of one in another --
what did you call this, what do you call it!

     the longing and the waiting,
     the patience and the hope
of just knowing that we belong....

if you ain't believe in this, then there is something higher.
it is in you, and i have sought through sundry years
and sought in vain.

it is this echo of me in you and you in me --
bliss, ecstasy, longing, fulfillment
then the start of longing all over again.

now the shadows dissipate with the word you spoke
like you did not mean it. yet it surged from that hidden depths of you.
and the light drifted over our blurred vision--
we have taken too much of each other and yet we have much more
just far much more to give until ....
shadows cede to a new light of dawn.

and you are in my arms, and i am in yours.

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