Sunday, January 17, 2010

words... gestures... signs... silence...

The art of communication... that is one thing we often neglect. Words we use, gestures and signs, even the silence that inhabits us are things we need to put together to weave a good communication--

There is one way of loving and recognizing the other who is before me. It is in the quality of communication maintained between two people. When things are smooth between two individuals, words are sweet, flattery, we find enough space where gestures are posed that open the heart like petals unfolding over the first streaks of the sun rays... we are creative in looking for signs that convey what beauty lies within us.


what happens when we are hurting? When things are falling apart, slipping off our palms? We are gloomy. We listen to our hurts more than the efforts for reconciliation from whoever might have hurt us. Our silence is no longer peaceful, but hurting also and full of nuances... our gestures are grimaces.

Words...gestures...signs...silence. I have often had a problem with them. You may understand signs differently from what they are intended to portray especially when communicated by someone from a culture that is alien to yours... some gestures might be misleading also.   I have also discovered that the best moment to keep cool is when we are hurting terribly. Yes, because we might be violent with words --which are sacred-- and misuse them. For quality communication there should always be a space for silence, for words, for gestures, and silence.

It would cost a great deal of pain if you are numb.


Anonymous said...

This guy say things we feel close to the heart. I love the insightful outlook of this blog. Great read, realy.

Anonymous said...

dzemo? this is sheri.. i feel really bad about what I told you.. u are right I am wrong.. I can't really feel well when someone is angry to me.. to that, I apologize deep heartedly? i didn't mean it.. really i swear, I hope you can forgive me,, I feel really awful.. friends?


It is one thing to make a mistake. It may sound really stupid. But it is triumph to recognize it...

I accept this as a gift. And it humbles me more. I appreciate the great personality in you. I was hard also talking to you. Forgive me also.

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