Sunday, January 3, 2010

welcoming change

the mist wafting in the air, the rains have gone...
the cycle of time where seeds of life scatter
with the chill we feel gnawing on the soft skin
of our naked flesh... the things we wrap ourselves with
will wither and weakening fall off...

we are left with our nudity, like helpless infants
waiting to be weaned... like butterflies bursting
out of their cocoon to a harsh and rough world
they are unfamiliar with... the bright lights sting the iris
of my eyes, it is daylight and the night is gone.


kewong said...

Rom change does not always made us unawares. As such at times we prepare ourselves and are ready, the winter will hardly be a surprise for those who live in areas where it is, the world is fighting against climate change because of its outcome. Those who profess their believe in God try to prepare for dead although not all. Obama prepared himself to be where he is today

kewong said...

correction change does not always meet and not made


I didn't say we never prepare for change. Of course we can't be welcoming change without being prepare to allot it space.

Be careful. There are things that also happen in ourselves, but always leave us the same. There are changes we expect and some that just happen. And there are things that call for no change, at all.

Thanks for the reactions brother.

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