Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a step beyond bitterness

The bitterness and the ache in your heart is something you definite carry around you. You may blame it on others. Yes, that others make you feel bitter and resentful and hurt is true... that they heap calumnies upon you and strike mercilessly at your personality is something that you will always expect. But the way that this will affect you will depend greatly on how you let it touch your mind.

Hurting people can affect society a lot. I mean they can affect people around them.

Positively, they can accept the hurts as part of the honing of their humanity... as something we can't live without given our differences and utter weaknesses. In this way, they become realistic, more comprehensive and patient towards the vulnerable fragility of others. In this way, they become conscious of the thing that may hurt others which may be what is causing them great pain.

Or, they may become hard-hearted, ruthless and bitter persons. When you carry the gloom of your hurts around you, you become intolerant, you become a frustrated and frustrating human being, scattering the bitter, nauseating perfume of bitterness around you.

The bitterness we feel do not often come from others. We often always carry it around, bringing it from our past.


kewong said...

Rom I therefore wonder, what is the source of this bitterness, the self or others? who is responsible for it, for you have said the self carries it around, yet little is said of how it is acquired.


Well bitterness may come from others as I mentioned somewhere. And bitterness breed with hatred directed towards someone, or something that might have hurt us...

Bitterness may also result from a certain frustration that issue from our condition of being human. We are limited in every sense and could not get or afford all that we want... What happens often is that we feel low, frustrated and may even turn mean on others, blaming everyone for being the cause of our failure... but the truth is, we might not have accepted our condition of human fully and freely.

Bitterness comes from within as from without. From within due to our ill-begotten fate which is blessedness also. We might be bitter with an unacceptable illness, we might be bitter due to our pride which does not permit us to let others in... etc. But there is the bitterness which is a reaction to the way that society and others treat us.

fifi cain said...

....bitterness is when we're hurt by someone we love and trust.
offenses made to us that can be exceptionally difficult to overcome
it will bring negative feelings such as rage, uncertainty or melancholy etc
it may develop more and soon, you may find yourself
swallowed up by your own bitterness or sense of injustice.
You may feel trapped and may not see a way out.

It’s an extremely negative emotion that depletes you from happiness.

fifi cain


I like that reaction fifi... I think we need to get on to see how to come out of it..

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