Friday, December 11, 2009

One way of Growing

I was chatting with a new-found friend. We just happened to talk about some few authors we have read and ideas we felt equally touched us. While discussing something was edging in my mind, something I have often ignored. The human being is the greatest book I have ever read. I have read many books, but none of them as inspiring are lived moments with another fellow human.

There are three things that happen in the journey. The actual encounter, memory and living. That is why I came to the idea that reading, just like meeting real and interesting people is something pleasurable. Remembering what we read or what happens in an encounter gives light. Living that experience, or prolonging it through time is triumph.

We have a lot from people and from books. But unfortunately we let these wither and die out with the passing hour's recall. If we could carry with us, just a little of what we read, or what another presence offers in an encounter... yes, even those seemingly futile tints of experience, I suppose we would be growing our humanity greatly.

Reading gives pleasure, remembering what we read offers light, acting on what comes to our minds triumph... I will never forget this.

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I am not a cut different from the ordinary human who walks the street. But in my journey, I strive to understand the music that surges from the wide worlds within every individual, that which makes him/her that fragile and sacred at the same time. I have found myself sometimes looking at someone farting with thumps-up as though goading him on to sanity. Seemingly meaningless things have been things that have communicated sense to me especially during louring hours. That is what this journal is. I offer these thoughts to the world with wonted pleasure and gratitude to all that awakens the human in me.

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