Friday, December 25, 2009

I can do it!

Some months ago, I wrote something about not giving up. I re-read it again. And as I did, this thought kept coming back to me. It is not about "giving up" but about this conflict that inhabits everyone about realizing dreams, big or small dreams.

Great things never come easy.

That is too true to be thought about. Great things never come easy. You need to invest in them: time, energy, thought and resources. The greatest investment to any successful pursuit is the belief that I can do it. The conviction that I was meant for it. When this thought is formed, we no longer become frightened with the magnitude of our dreams, but we allow them transform us as muster strength and skill to meet it. Dreams we pursue, dreams that lie, forever, before our gaze shape who we are.

"I can do it." Those simple words could do a lot in a man's life. Yet, how often do I believe it when I say I can do it? It is in our nature. It is in our blood. It is when someone else says "You can do it" that we feel the nerve coming up strong within us. Yes, because we are so depended and insecure. We lack the freedom to choose what we want, to risk for it because society says we can't do it.

I can do it is a source of energy and light that derives from the awareness of who we are, the light surging up from a spiritual sphere in us, a light that makes us see the infinite possibilities that lie within our grasp.

I can do it! I can do this thing that has forever challenged me. This thing everyone considers me so weak and so unworthy of. I will be the one risking for it though. I will be the one holding the note and the strain. It isn't anyone who says, "come on, this is damn so unrealistic or unrealizable." that will do it for me. What I desire as the ultimate fulfillment of my humanity, as a vocation - yes, it is this that remains my light. I can live for it, nor matter what the world says.

I can complete this piece of writing. I can mend this ailing relationship. I can become a good singer, a great artist, a disciplined man-- so what keeps me down? It is this, that I think I can't. It is this, that people say I can't. This is time to turn things the other way round. 

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