Monday, December 21, 2009

the distance between us and our dreams

Growing up as a young man in a village hidden between knolls - a kind of burrow - I had dreamed a lot, just like any young man would dream. You know that kind of thing like seeing a smartly dressed fellow passing through the village, with that dust-brushed black suit  revealing a shiny outline at its seams. Your head would turn on and set you dreaming and harboring wishful ideas like "When I grow up, I will be like that guy." It happens to most, if not all of us. But then time would wane and you mature with it, getting set back to a reality you don't wanna accept. You can't just get everything you hope for. Of course you will work hard... you will toil, you will push the buttons in life. You will manipulate yourself and others and things hoping to reach there. There is always that gap between you and what you want.

Life could be so cruel, you know!

And then you realize, somehow to you utter chagrin, that things aren't always what we dream them to be. There is a gorge between your wish and what you wish for.

Dreams take shape in our minds, in our desires, in our frustrations also. They grow with a certain nerve. You can only lesson the distance between your dreams and your reality by seeking coherency, that is, matching thought with word and action. When these become effective, then there is no distance -- dream has transcended reality. You are a free human being.

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I am not a cut different from the ordinary human who walks the street. But in my journey, I strive to understand the music that surges from the wide worlds within every individual, that which makes him/her that fragile and sacred at the same time. I have found myself sometimes looking at someone farting with thumps-up as though goading him on to sanity. Seemingly meaningless things have been things that have communicated sense to me especially during louring hours. That is what this journal is. I offer these thoughts to the world with wonted pleasure and gratitude to all that awakens the human in me.

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