Monday, December 21, 2009

Can writing really be a lonely enterprise?

I just read a blog post where someone says writing could be a very lonely exercise. If we are talking in terms of feeling isolated, and cut off from physical contact, yes. But if it is this solitude, this staying alone to create, to cull inspiration from where it comes and translate it into words, then I would definitely have a very big question mark on it. Big like this ?!

A friend once wrote a poem entitled "solitude" in which he defined solitude as "when we are many." And that is writing, at least to me. When I write, I am not just alone, I am with the world. I reach out to the world. I connect with people and their thought-patterns, I mingle with my characters, I see a whole crowd of my readers before my mental gaze, or that one person for whom that one word is written.....

When I write, I listen to many people. Sometimes it is the only moment when my perception becomes sharper, my listening a little more attentive, my look on others more fraternal and sympathetic.

Writing is a world of many inhabitants. Sometimes you have to rush through a street bustling with so many unnamed faces. But mind you, it could also be terrible when its desert begins... when the season changes and people retreat to their homes because the weather is harsh. You will go for miles in that world of the mind, meeting nothing, seeing no one, feeling nothing but the empty echo of your lonely self. It is then you have to discover the OASIS.

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